Donny and Marie at the Flamingo!!!!

OMG I got to see Donny and Marie at the Flamingo in Las Vegas!!! This was one of those bucket list items that I never thought would happen. And truth be told, I hadn't considered seeing Donny & Marie (but mostly Donny), since I was probably 12 - which makes it even that much better!! I've been attending the International Builder's Show this past week.

Donny and Marie at the Flamingo!!!!2019-02-22T15:42:30-06:00

Pumpkin Nights Twin Cities

It's getting spooky out there at the MN State Fairgrounds! Pumpkin Night Twin Cities has taken over the fairgrounds and it's pretty spooktacular!! Actually, it's not that spooky, which makes it perfect for the little ones (and their parents) who want to get into the Halloween spirit. Haven't heard of Pumpkin Nights before? You're probably not alone. This is the first year I've heard of them,

Pumpkin Nights Twin Cities2016-10-14T13:14:08-05:00

Stanley’s Hats

We didn't play Wii. Instead daughter wanted to put videos on YouTube. Here is daughter's first video. That is me sneezing in the background.

Stanley’s Hats2010-01-18T13:46:49-06:00

My Garage Sale

So I had my garage sale this past weekend. My first ever garage sale. Also most likely my last. I can't believe how much work having a garage sale is. And considering that most of my junk was already in the garage I didn't have to haul stuff in and out of the house. I used to own a shop and so I thought I

My Garage Sale2009-05-18T08:26:00-05:00

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