Who Wrote the Book of Love?

Who wrote the book of love? I'll tell you who did. Joseph Szenasi wrote it. Actually he wrote The Book of Love: A Practical Guide to Creating the Relationship You Want. This is a great book for anyone who wants to understand their partner better and understand themselves better. It's an easy to read  and easy to understand book about the human heart. This handy

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Little of This and a Little of That

I got a bunch of stuff today but not one item is enough to make a full post. I think this might qualify as Random Thoughts Tuesday. I finally have a delivery system for my eBook. I'm using E-Junkie. So far so good. It's cheap and really easy to use. And no one has to wait, while I finish up in the bathroom, to get

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Only 48 hours left learn real world ways to earn online

Want to learn how to make some real money online? Need a little extra cash to get through the month or are you like so many of us who have been laid off due to this crappy economy? My eBook is filled with real suggestions and links to online places where you can find work as well as ways to make a decent amount of

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I wrote an eBook and you get $17 in freebies for trying it

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about being in dire straights. I asked my readers how they made money online because most of my real world jobs had gone away due to the crappy economy. I also called my ex husband a lot of four letter words for not paying child support. The response I received was overwhelming. The suggestions were not

I wrote an eBook and you get $17 in freebies for trying it2009-11-04T19:16:20-06:00

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