Shea Butter – A Natural Way To Save Your Dry Skin

Besides being a winter hater in general, I mostly dread it because my skin freaks out! This year is sadly no different where I am scrambling for a solution. Thankfully before s**** got real – I was introduced to shea butter! When my husband saw this sitting on the counter after I brought it home he naturally asked me “What is a shea and can

Shea Butter – A Natural Way To Save Your Dry Skin2016-10-29T20:26:02-05:00

Favorite New Product: MyChelle Skincare

Nothing ruins a foundation application more quickly than dry, flaking skin. I'm pretty sure mine is actively trying to flee my face for a warmer climate. So why MyChelle? I had to find something for my sensitive skin that was going to work - to Ulta Beauty! Initially I was going to spring for the full size of a sample I had received a few times.

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