On Accusations and Lies

I have court today. My ex husband is taking me to court to reinstate his parental access that he terminated last year in court when the judge didn't rule in his favor. I won't bore you with all the details of my divorce for the last 15 years, but suffice to say my ex has not been a shining example of what a father should

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If You Aren’t Part Of The Solution You Are Part Of The Problem

If you know your kid is a bully and do nothing to stop it, you are part of the problem. If you are a bully and blame it on being bullied, you are still part of the problem. If you are in politics and keep passing stupid laws to make people jump through burning hoops, you are part of the problem. If you are a

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Donate Your Car To Help Kids

Not too long ago I wrote a post about the size of the box that was used to ship an item that was no bigger than a quarter. I mentioned that because I was a Republican I didn't get into the whole green movement, it was a tongue-in-cheek comment as you can see by reading the comments on that article. In the comments

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Al and Tipper Gore are Getting a Divorce?

Image via Wikipedia I'm not a huge fan of the Gores, even though Al gave us the internet, but I am sad to hear that they have decided to get a divorce after 40 years of marriage. I try to stay away from politics on my blog, even though the first year I talked about nothing but politics.  Blame it on the two year long

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Ten Things I Hate About You

I was asked to write a guest post about the top ten things men do that drive women crazy. I came up with the standard ones, leaving the toilet seat up, farting, hands down their pants, that kind of thing, but I couldn't come up with ten and my post went horribly in the wrong direction. The post was rejected and I was given a

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Boyfriend or Blog?

Since Lola jumped back into the dating world I have been thinking about finding a mate for myself. It's been a fleeting thought, here and there, throughout the years since my divorce. I have dated but no one seriously. There seemed to be all kinds of good reasons not to get involved with anyone. My divorce took two years and it brought out the worst

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I Did Pretty Good

Not too long ago I was talking to my ex husband's wife, my son's step mom. This is not a rip on the new wife post so don't get all I hate my ex husband's new wife on me. I like this woman. If I was going to be replaced by anyone I couldn't think of a better person to replace me. Of course, she

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I Resolve

The end of the year is upon us. Not only is it the end of another year but also the end of a decade. I can't believe how fast the last ten years have gone by. It seems like just yesterday that I was glued to the television waiting for all the bad things to happen when the Y2K bug hit. It never did. But

I Resolve2009-12-28T10:54:56-06:00

I’m Opening a Shoppe

I have some of my best ideas before I wake up. At least they seem that way for a couple of hours after waking. This morning was no different. I woke up with an idea for a great little shop. I live close to Grand Ave. On the avenue are tons of little boutiques and shoppes that cater to people who have gobs of money

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I Had a Great Mother’s Day

I hope all you mothers out there had a lovely Mother's Day. I had a pretty good one. Not only did my kids actually get me cards but they each got me a gift. I got two tear jerker cards from each kid, I suspect neither of them read them because my kids are not all that sentimental and the little one can't read. My

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