Whole30 Success Story!

I'm going to be a Whole30 Success Story -- in about 30 days. If you haven't heard of Whole30 don't feel bad, I just found out about recently and learned it's been a thing since 2009. Basically Whole30 is cutting out all processed foods for 30 days. You can eat meats, fruits and vegetables and that's about it. Which wouldn't be that bad if you

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30 Days Without Wine and Chocolate: Day 3

It's day three without wine or chocolate and I'm pretty sure I want to rip someone's head off. I don't care who really (though, the ex husband who is harassing my via lawyer and lawsuit would probably be the best choice). I'm trying to be strong but all I want to do is curl up on the couch and sleep or kill someone. But, I

30 Days Without Wine and Chocolate: Day 32014-03-23T09:32:11-05:00

30 Days Without Wine and Chocolate: Day 2

It's been two days without wine and chocolate and so far it's not so bad. That's a lie. It is bad but not because I can't have wine or chocolate but because I have learned that I use wine and/or chocolate like I did cigarettes. I can handle the stresses of the day because I know at the end of the day I'm going to

30 Days Without Wine and Chocolate: Day 22014-02-19T09:20:24-06:00

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