Week 3 of the New Year: How’s that diet working for you?

Like half the population (I have no statistics to support that claim) I started a lifestyle change on January 1st of this year. It was either radically change my diet or look into a career in Sumo Wrestling or gain a few more pounds and get lap band surgery (People actually do this! Women mostly, have been gaining weight so they can have weight loss

Week 3 of the New Year: How’s that diet working for you?2012-01-16T11:53:41-06:00

The Tale of the New Year’s Fail

Lots of people make New Year's resolutions to lose weight and get in shape..and fail. This infographic courtesy of Nexercise shows the way to get back on track. by NowSourcing via  

The Tale of the New Year’s Fail2011-12-31T10:28:47-06:00

Giving Up Carbs

I'm going to give up carbohydrates. I'm going to give up my precious carbs for a week.  And I am going to document it here. I have to. Bathing suit season is still far enough away that there might be some hope for me. I also have to because I ate the most ginormous waffle today and I don't think I could look

Giving Up Carbs2010-02-28T19:20:45-06:00

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