Fun Halloween Statistics

Halloween is less than a week away. As I write this it is snowing but next week it looks to be perfect trick or treat weather. What follows is some fun statistics about Halloween. Costumes, candy and bobbing for apples are just some of the things we do on All Hallows Eve. According to this infographic candy bars like Snickers, Hershey bars and Milky Ways

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High Heel Hazards

This is for Nicky and Linda who both live in high heeled shoes. I know they both have amazing gams and love to show off their sexy legs in these shoes. But as you can see high heels can do some damage as this infographic shows. I love heels, there isn't anything so bad that a new pair of shoes can't fix. For me, I'm

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Are You Ready for Winter?

I'm not. I'm in complete denial that it's coming this year. I know the east coast has already had a huge snowstorm but over here in Minnesota it's 58 degrees, sunny and not a bit of snow. And I am loving it! I'm not prepared for winter but my daughter is. Since November 1st she has been wearing her winter jacket to and from school. She

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It’s Here!

Talk about Karma smacking me in the ass. My last post I made the mistake of saying it had been unseasonably warm and thus I was not yet into the holiday spirit. Smack! It's here and I'm not ready. There is a big pile of leaves in my backyard that were supposed to be raked the day this storm hit. I should actually be thankful

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Before I Was A Mom

Before I Was a Mom: I Was Fun I really used to be a lot of fun. I had no problem going out to a club and drinking all night long. I'd even throw caution to the wind and dance a little. I didn't nag all the time and I wasn't worried about anything. Now that I am a mom I worry all the time

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The Wearing O’ The Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day! My daughter wanted to wear green today. Her wardrobe consists mainly of pink and red but I recently bought her a green shirt and a pair of pants. However, because she spends ever other weekend with her father I wasn't sure the green outfit was here. I dug through her dresser and thankfully located both shirt and pants. I was happily

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I am a Horrible Mother

I really am, someone needs to call social services on me. I may not be as bad as the woman who made make-shift straight jackets out of pajama tops but only because I didn't think of it when they were little and now they are too big for me to wrestle. Today marks the 40 anniversary of Sesame Street. I remember watching Sesame Street when

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Before today's post begins please be sure to check out my newest sponsor, Stormsister Spatique, not only are they a really cool spatique with some awesome and unique products but they are a local storefront as well. I can't tell you how cool it is to have an advertiser from a shop in my hometown. Don't let that dissuade you from visiting there if you


Moms at the Zoo

We went to the Como Zoo on Good Friday. Our plan was to go to the Minnesota Zoo and meet my friend and her two kids there. About a mile from the zoo I got a call on my cell phone from my friend. "It's a fucking zoo out here" she yelled over the screaming of her kids in the back seat. Apparently we weren't

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I went to Ikea this weekend. I'm looking for a pull out couch or futon for my office upstairs. I need something small since the doorways are really tiny in my house. I've been to Ikea twice before this excursion. Once when I lived in Seattle and once when they opened one here across from the Mall of America. Both times I went just to


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