I’d Like Some Cheese with this Whine

I'm so sick of this broken shoulder - and yes, I would like some cheese with this whine, and you might too - it's been over a month and while it is a whole lot better than it was, it still hurts (like a mofo today) and is still pretty useless. This past Monday I was cleared by my doctor to start physical therapy. I

I’d Like Some Cheese with this Whine2022-02-02T15:22:51-06:00

30 Days Without Wine and Chocolate: Day 2

It's been two days without wine and chocolate and so far it's not so bad. That's a lie. It is bad but not because I can't have wine or chocolate but because I have learned that I use wine and/or chocolate like I did cigarettes. I can handle the stresses of the day because I know at the end of the day I'm going to

30 Days Without Wine and Chocolate: Day 22014-02-19T09:20:24-06:00

30 Days Without Wine and Chocolate: Day 1*

It's been a whole day without wine and chocolate. I feel ok but it's winter outside and that makes me want to carb load. Yesterday was worse because I had to shovel 4 inches of wet snow (my neighbor was kind enough to do the front but I still had to do the back - I have awesome neighbors!) but it was the beginning of

30 Days Without Wine and Chocolate: Day 1*2014-02-18T10:33:16-06:00

30 Days Without Wine and Chocolate

During the day I follow a strict Atkins type of diet. I don't eat bread, pasta or sweets. I graze for the most part eating high protein foods like meat, cheese and eggs along with high protein smoothies. I have no trouble keeping to this diet during the day, at night it's a different story. I usually allow myself (or reward myself) one or two

30 Days Without Wine and Chocolate2014-02-17T16:18:38-06:00

Sitemeter and sex toys.

I put Sitemeter on two of my blogs. I am first of all amazed that I get as much traffic as I do. I am saddened that most are just lurking. What amazes me is that I have people from Tehran visiting. That is amazing. Just think, I am writing stuff that Iranians are reading. What a cool thing that is. At least I hope

Sitemeter and sex toys.2008-04-13T21:22:00-05:00

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