30 Days Without Wine and Chocolate: Day 1*

It's been a whole day without wine and chocolate. I feel ok but it's winter outside and that makes me want to carb load. Yesterday was worse because I had to shovel 4 inches of wet snow (my neighbor was kind enough to do the front but I still had to do the back - I have awesome neighbors!) but it was the beginning of

30 Days Without Wine and Chocolate: Day 1*2014-02-18T10:33:16-06:00

Chocolate Chip Cookie Waffles

As promised, or threatened, here is my 'recipe' for Chocolate Chip Cookie Waffles. 1 tube Pillsbury chocolate chip cookie dough 1 waffle iron I set the waffle iron at medium heat, because I was guessing. I assumed the innards of the cookie wouldn't cook if the iron was set at high so we went for medium heat. Take about a handful of dough and place

Chocolate Chip Cookie Waffles2010-06-18T07:38:04-05:00

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