TV Guide’s The Nail Files with Katie Cazorla

This week I had the pleasure of meeting another celebrity! This time I got to actually meet the celebrity and not just stare from a distance.  I was invited to sit down with Katie Cazorla from TV Guide Network's reality show The Nail Files. Katie is a stitch. If you haven't had a chance to catch her show, now in it's second season, you are

TV Guide’s The Nail Files with Katie Cazorla2012-09-07T12:26:10-05:00

Fuck Christmas

Image via Wikipedia That's right, I said it. We're all thinking it in the back of our minds so why not say it? Thanksgiving was pretty much swallowed whole by Christmas. Even before we carved that turkey I got 687 emails about great deals on gifts for Cyber Monday and Black Friday. Not one of them was enough of a deal to make me sell

Fuck Christmas2010-12-01T12:25:22-06:00

Oh Canada!

I love Canadians. I know absolutely nothing about their politics or their history which is probably why I love them so much, I wasn't forced to learn all about them in middle school. I don't love the Germans, or the Prussians, or any of the other European countries because their borders and names kept changing. Who can keep all that straight? I'd be hard pressed

Oh Canada!2010-04-19T12:36:11-05:00

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