The Year In Review or Thank God 2013 is Almost Over!

2013 started off with a bang and went downhill from there. It was the year I stopped trusting the internet and pulled back from most of social media. Not all the way, there was still plenty of Candy Crush and lots of interaction on Facebook but I didn't blog much at all. At least not here. I wrote over 150 blog posts per month, three

The Year In Review or Thank God 2013 is Almost Over!2013-12-31T08:11:19-06:00

Best End of the Year Lists for 2013

Ah, the end of the year -- there is little news. Government has all but gone home for the holidays (making our government actually way more efficient) and all the 24 hour newscasts have nothing to report on except which words we want to ban, are overused or most annoying (twerking wins hands down in my book). Since there is little else going on the

Best End of the Year Lists for 20132013-12-12T11:24:23-06:00

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