The Winner of the Happy Goat Soap Giveaway is…

Frogmama! I am sure that living in Mulletville makes it difficult to find luxurious soaps such as Happy Goat Soap, and I suspect many of the residents of Mulletville could stand to use some rich goat's milk soap to smell just a little less mulletlike. Congratulations Frogmama. Thanks to everyone for entering! I am still carb free, or at least reduced. I have had fruits

The Winner of the Happy Goat Soap Giveaway is…2010-03-05T12:41:46-06:00

Happy Goats Soap Contest Rule Changes

Okay only two people are willing to bet against me. I really appreciate your belief in my ability to resist sugar but that makes for a really lame contest. So, forget the previous contest about betting against me and we will just do something different. Three bars of rich goat's milk soap are up for grabs here. Happy Goat Soap is the best soap in

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Stormsister Spatique

I'm so excited about today's post I can hardly stand it. I'm going to talk about Stormsister Spatique. I met Becky, the owner of Stormsister Spatique, a few months ago on Facebook. She contacted me about advertising on my blog and after taking a look at her fabulous website and the wonderful products she has, I selflessly offered up my hair and skin for product

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You Know You are Getting Old When

You know you are getting old when you have to start brushing your eyebrows. I still don't have the nose hair problem and my ears seem to be hair free but suddenly my eyebrows look like Andy Rooney's. I'm not really happy about this. Related articles by Zemanta The Eyebrow Mistakes You're Making ( Skin Deep: After Overplucking, It's Time to Call the Professionals (

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Are Redheads Better in Bed?

"Are redheads better in bed?" That is just one of the many redheaded themed questions people ask to find me on Google. I've never addressed the question before but since so many people are wondering I will answer it for you. Yes. We rock in bed. Never, ever, underestimate the power of novelty. Blonds are usually not really blonds so are a bit shy about

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Red Flags

Image via Wikipedia I have known for a while now that any new information I take in, bumps out old information. There is only so much space for useless knowledge and after the memory card is full the brain starts to delete stuff. I can still play Name That Tune with any pop song from 1978 to 1984. That knowledge is still locked in there

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We have to have another talk

I registered my five year old for kindergarten on Friday. When we were finished with the process the person who performed the intake gave my daughter a backpack filled with school supplies and other trinkets. My daughter was very pleased with her new backpack. In this backpack was a pair of safety scissors. Blunt tip but still sharp. I have talked with my daughter many

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My Little Rebel

My son and all of his friends went to a Screaming Mechanical Brain concert this past weekend. There were 7 other bands playing at this rec center venue. It was my job to drive the boys to the concert and my son's dad was going to pick them up. Earlier that day my son's step mom colored son's hair for the event. A month ago

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As my son was leaving the house for school this morning he said "Mom, pick me up an electric shaver and some Axe aftershave." My first thought was to give him the tweezers since my son gets his hair from his dad's side of the family. His dad has never been able to grow a beard or anything resembling a beard. When he tried in


Can someone explain it to me?

It's Monday and I have a question that I must find the answer to: Why do stores such as Walgreen's and CVS put razor blades in locked display cases? I don't get this. I can buy condoms, personal lubricants, I can by all sorts of medications, I can purchase $30.00 exfoliating cream but I have to get an assistant (or "team member", that's a later

Can someone explain it to me?2020-07-10T20:29:49-05:00

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