Top 5 Bad Beauty Tips From The Internet

I'm a sucker for a good top whatever list, especially when it comes to makeup and beauty tips. I've gleaned some good pieces of information that I've put to use. But man are there some really bad beauty tips out there. Like what were these people thinking?! So here are the ones that have made my top of of worst pieces of beauty advice from

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Does the NoNo! Hair Removal System Really Work

If you're like me you've wondered about the NoNo! hair removal system that is all over home shopping networks and late night TV. Does the NoNo! Hair Removing System really work and more importantly how does the NoNo! work? I wondered that too because I am always looking for an easier way to have smooth legs without stubble the next day. I love the way my

Does the NoNo! Hair Removal System Really Work2015-04-10T09:45:55-05:00

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