My Barbie Movie Review

First off - THERE WILL BE SPOILERS IN THIS BARBIE MOVIE REVIEW!!! If you haven't see the Barbie movie yet, please stop reading my Barbie movie review and find something else to do. You will enjoy Barbie so much more if you go in to the movie cold, or at least as cold can be. Don't read reviews, don't watch stupid TikTok rants about it.

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Zhu Zhu Pets and Barbies

Today was my daughter's birthday party. We had four little girls over for KFC and cake. We also had a pinata which no one but ex#2 could crack.   Daughter scored two Zhu Zhu pets, a wheel for them to run on, and a couple of Barbies. One of the Barbies was rather classy with designer shoes and a designer bag, she even had a

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