My Baby’s First Accident

Who would have thought it would happen only hours after procuring his driver's license? Son was making a left turn with a green arrow. The other driver was going too fast. I wish I knew how to draw a picture. The other driver was oncoming and should have had a red light. Son was in the turning lane. His dad is trying to get video

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3rd Time’s a Charm!

The boy passed his drivers license test. Yes it took three tries but he persevered and now he is a licensed driver. In fact he is on the road, by himself, right now. He has no idea where he is going, he has no sense of direction and his dad has not gotten the GPS for him yet but he is only going to school

3rd Time’s a Charm!2009-03-25T11:18:00-05:00

The Real Drivers Course

Well, you will all be happy to know that you are safe on the road for another two weeks. Son took his drivers license test again and has to try again in two weeks. Third times a charm right? This time he aced the parking bits but turned the wrong way on a one way road and that is an automatic fail. He knew the

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