The Definitive Trump Gift Buying Guide

For the next four years we've got a Trump presidency. We can either embrace the humor of it, or cower in a corner pretending it didn't really happen while we drown in vodka or whiskey. However you choose to manage the next four years, this is the definitive Trump Gift Buying Guide. Doesn't matter if you love him or hate him, there's something for everyone

The Definitive Trump Gift Buying Guide2017-01-27T17:12:01-06:00

I’ve Become A Prepper!

I don't prepare for anything, my whole life I've winged it but as of yesterday I've become a prepper! What is a prepper you ask? It's apparently people who are just a tad less crazy than the Ted Kazinskis of the world. A prepper is someone who is prepared for the end of the world or at least the demise of civility when our infrastructure

I’ve Become A Prepper!2015-07-17T12:50:50-05:00

It’s the End of the World As We Know It

Ever since Apocalypse week on the History Channel over winter break (because I had to watch every show aired), my daughter has been obsessing over the end of the world. She is convinced it will end this year, December 21st, 2012, to be precise. I've tried to explain to her that nuts have been predicting the end of the world since I was her age

It’s the End of the World As We Know It2012-01-09T13:31:15-06:00

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