Why I Deleted My #MeToo Status Update

Unless you're living under a rock, you've seen the hastag #MeToo all over social media. Legend has it Alyssa Milano started the trend on Twitter (though it appears she got the idea from a friend of a friend on Facebook so it would seem someone else who isn't a celebrity actually started the trend...). The idea was that if all women/(people) respond to her tweet

Why I Deleted My #MeToo Status Update2017-10-17T17:05:41-05:00

Angelina’s Right Leg and here, have a Twinkie

Is Angelina Jolie anorexic and what was up with her leg at the 2012 Oscars? What was up with Angelina Jolie and her right leg last night at the Oscars? She thrust that thing out at every opportunity. I was sure it was a joke until it occurred to me that she was probably doing it to distract everyone from how anorexic she is. Have

Angelina’s Right Leg and here, have a Twinkie2012-02-27T08:21:37-06:00

An Open Letter to Celebrity Moms

I'm talking to you Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie so listen up. Stop making motherhood look so damn easy. Stop running around in your Uggs and your perfectly couiffed hair-dos because that is not what mothers look like. Real mothers have not showered in days, real mothers pick dried cereal off their sweat pants and think they can get another day or two worth of

An Open Letter to Celebrity Moms2011-02-02T09:55:32-06:00

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