I’m Feeling Sassy!

I'm feeling pretty sassy these days. The extra sunlight is a big help. I am almost ready to concede that winter is over and I am almost ready to take my warm weather clothes out and put my cold weather clothes into storage. Almost. I know if I put my sweaters away it will snow so I am waiting at least until this weekend. We

I’m Feeling Sassy!2010-04-21T13:54:02-05:00

Going with the Flow of Dairy Queen

I've decided to let go and stop trying to control things that I have no way to control. Big idea, I know. I've been kicking myself for the last few weeks for reasons that I'm not sure even I understand but it has not been a good or healthy thing. So I have decided that I am going to just enjoy the moment, at least

Going with the Flow of Dairy Queen2009-06-11T17:46:00-05:00

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