I’m so excited about today’s post I can hardly stand it.

I’m going to talk about Stormsister Spatique.

I met Becky, the owner of Stormsister Spatique, a few months ago on Facebook. She contacted me about advertising on my blog and after taking a look at her fabulous website and the wonderful products she has, I selflessly offered up my hair and skin for product testing. Becky took one look at my hair and skin and practically kicked me out of her spatique, “I’m not a miracle worker” she exclaimed but after I stood outside her shop and begged for a while she was willing to give it try.

Actually Becky and I hit it off right from the get go. She too has thick curly hair and knew just what I needed. My skin was a different matter all together. Becky has the most beautiful skin I have ever seen. She is my age but looks at least ten years younger. Not a wrinkle on that girls face. No fine lines, nothing but smooth skin. Baby’s ass is what her face looks like, in a good way of course.

After wasting half of Becky’s day I left with several products, one of which I am reviewing here today.

Becky gave me curling custard by Kinky – Curly a product she tells me was originally created for African American hair. My hair is long, thick and course. Not exactly afro hair but not the straight flat hair that has been all the rage for the last ten years. Becky assured me that curly hair is coming back and I can’t tell you how happy I was to hear that. No more being ashamed of my mess of curls. I can wear them proud again. I look forward to the day when people actually think I have hair that looks good.

With the curling custard it looks fabulous and it smells wonderful.

The custard works like a gel, you use very little, but leaves beautiful ringlets of defined curls. Before using the curling custard the only way I could achieve that look was to use too much gel which tended to look as if I had a jheri curl going on. If I didn’t use enough product to weigh my hair down I had the pooffy head thing happening. I grew to love the pony tail holder. With the curling custard I have defined curls and I can comb my fingers through them easily and my fingers are product free when finished. Except for the wonderful scent of the Kinky – Curl there is no indication that I have a product in my hair. Amazing.

The scent is to die for. I don’t like smelly products and I don’t do perfume but I love the way this stuff smells. It’s kind of a coconut scent. Imagine the best smells in the tropics, that you’re ocean or pool side and some little man brings you a drink with a paper umbrella in it.  It’s all those scents, ocean air, tan bodies, vacation and umbrella drinks all rolled into one. It’s light, you can’t smell it across the room. You have to actually have someone stick their face in your hair to get a strong whiff of it.

Which is what I did to Becky when we first started talking about hair. I stuck my face in her hair because she told me she hadn’t washed her hair in a week and she was suggesting I do the same thing. I figured her hair would smell like one of my kids who refused to bathe for long periods of time before he discovered girls. Becky’s hair smelled great and it wasn’t all frizzy like mine is from washing it everyday.

So I stopped washing my hair for a week.

Becky told me to rinse, rinse, rinse, and then use conditioner like I normally do except that I don’t need to use much on the top of my head.

I won’t lie, it was hard to not wash my hair every day. It actually messed up my little shower routine. I’m shaving off minutes in the shower by not washing it everyday. Hopefully my water bill will reflect this change.

The result after a week of not washing my hair with soap is that my hair feels so much healthier. It’s much easier to comb through and the curling custard makes my happy little ringlets and the scent makes me smile. My hair actually shines which for someone with curly hair, is difficult to achieve.

Before trying the curling custard, and before I stopped washing my hair every day, I was beginning to hate my hair. It’s a pain to wash, a pain and a half to comb out and it takes forever to dry with a hair dryer. With the curling custard I use a diffuser like I normally do but I don’t have to dry it all the way. It can hold the curl even when wet so that I can let it air dry which doesn’t damage it as much. I actually look forward to playing with my hair again.

And the best part? The first day I tried it I had attractive, normal looking men (not the homeless or the toothless wonders who usually are attracted to me) following me and complimenting me on my hair. Even women stopped me to find out what I was using in my hair. It’s been years since that happened to me.

Actually that isn’t the best part. The best part is that you can try the curling custard or any product at Stormsister for 20% off. If you visit her store in real life just mention this blog. Becky is all about saving trees so she doesn’t want you to print anything out. If you are visiting her online store just enter REDHEAD at the checkout. You can share that with friends and family too. The coupons are good now through November 30th, 2009.

Becky is my new best friend so please be sure to stop by her spatique and check out the great products she has. Tell her Jen sent you.

Next week I’m going to tell you all about the Equavie Cleansing Milk.

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