Welcome to day 11 of Start Your Own Blogging Business! You’re nearing the home stretch of this blog course, woohoo!!

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There may be links in this blog post, some of them might be affiliate links for which I earn a small amount if you click on them, a really small amount it turns out. Still, full disclosure and all that…

When you set up your blog you created an About Me page – at least I hope you did. If you haven’t done it yet, go do it now – I’ll wait.

Once you’ve created an About Me page you should also created a PR Friendly or PR Welcome page. You can see mine here. Marketers are often looking for bloggers for sponsored opportunities or other campaigns, but they might not be a part of an affiliate network. Often they are looking do smaller campaigns and want to work with bloggers one-on-one. They could be local PR reps who want to work with local bloggers. They will find you by searching for PR Friendly Bloggers.

Creating a page that let’s PR reps know you’re open to working with them is a great way to find opportunities. You can set your own price, or accept their offer – it’s all up to you. The more traffic your blog gets, the higher price you can demand. The page should be simple, just enough to let reps know you’re open to working with them. I include what I am looking for – somewhat tongue in cheek, but that I’m also open to anything. I give them a email to contact me with some direction to keep things organized.

I get a lot of offers this way and have built some lasting partnerships. I’ve also gotten a lot of scams, so be cautious. You’ll get offers from marketing groups asking you to simply post an article that they write for you on your blog. Stay away from these offers as they will ask you to refrain from marking the post as sponsored. They want your article to look authentic and are willing to pay for it. The problem is Google doesn’t like it. They want you to disclose to your readers if your post is sponsored or not and these companies do not want you to do so. We’ll talk more about disclosure tomorrow.

I don’t recommend accepting these opportunities, but if you do insist on being compensated fairly. You’re page rank could take a hit, so make sure it’s worth it to you.


Create a PR Welcome page and include it in the main navigation menu.

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