This Is Us is one of the few shows I only watch because I can’t stand it anymore. I’m effectively rage watching This Is Us, and have been since about the second episode of the second season. If I wasn’t rage watching This Is Us, I would have after last night’s episode.



You’ve been warned…

The first episode of This Is Us was great. It had fantastic little twist that set it apart from the rest of the dramas on TV. As the season progressed it was easy to get wrapped up in all the characters at all stages of their life. Having the show take place in several different time periods was unique and refreshing, and the stories were interesting enough for me to come back and watch every week.

And then something funny happened. As the season went on it became clear that the goal of the writers was to have the audience cry and share it on social media. 

And we did.

It was at this point the show became formulaic and started to infuriate me.

The situations that were happening on the show were tragic, heavy handed and about as unrealistic as they could be. Tragedy followed all the characters around relentlessly and yet they still sailed through each trauma with hardly a care. 

Even before the episode in which Jack dies aired, I was over the show. And yet, I kept watching because I couldn’t believe the show was such a juggernaut and was getting so much praise. 

I watched every week, mostly because I didn’t want to bother to find another show, and I sorta enjoyed getting mad at the show. It was a good way to vent pent up anger that had accumulated each week.

I planned to continue rage watching This Is Us until last night’s episode. I’m pretty sure I can’t sit through another episode no matter how angry it makes me.

The episode took place in the hospital waiting area. Kate has gone into premature labor – of course she has – and everyone is there to support her. Of course Kevin is hung over/drinking, Beth and Randall are snipping at each other – because suddenly Randall, one of the only characters left who had any character is now just another TV guy who expects his wife to take a back seat to what he wants – he couldn’t be more cliché.

Miguel is still an outsider – though I thoroughly enjoyed his chocolate/ranch game. They can’t even bother to put him in the official photo for the show – Toby is there, Beth is there  but there’s no Miguel. Meanwhile, Rebecca seems to be exhibiting signs of early dementia because she’s blathering on about outlets and Jack.

Every time one of her kids or their significant others got out of line or upset Rebecca shared a story about Jack. I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of Jack. When Kate started praying to Jack to save her son – Jack, I about threw something at the TV. 

I get it, Jack was a saint.

I’m not religious, but I was offended.

The show has become lazy – it’s only going for tears or shock value now. According to the preview of next week’s episode Kevin’s old girlfriend Sophie returns – I can’t remember why or how it was suppose to impact his relationship with Beth’s cousin. I do know, that if he’s got a bottle of vodka he’s been sipping on during the episode, everyone would be able to smell it.

I stopped caring for the adult characters, I still enjoy watching the scenes when they were kids, but those are fewer and far between and no less forced. Also Jack is in those so…

I’m not sure if I will continue watching. I don’t want to go through the trauma of watching the baby struggle, Kate and Toby cry in every scene, and I don’t care if Randall and Beth separate, or if Kevin breaks up with what’s her name and gets back together with Sophie. 

Spoiler – he will because she is the love of his life and will help him get sober again so they can have a baby and then get married and then he starts drinking again – yeah, I’m making a not so bold prediction. 

About the only reason I want to watch is to watch Miguel tell everyone to shove it. He’s not a bad guy – kinda boring and blah, but not a bad guy. I want to see him tell Rebecca to bury Jack once and for all.

What do you think? Do you still like the show? Will you continue to watch? Did you like last night’s episode?