I had taken a break from my Ipsy subscription for a while over the summer. Mainly because I felt like I had a beauty subscription problem having Ipsy, Birchbox, and Sephora Play. And then I realized that is filthy, filthy, lie and re-subscribed just in time to get the adorable October bag and receive pūr~lisse Daily Lip Nourisher.

I was excited to see a lip moisturizing product with my constant battle of chapped lips lately. Seriously, I have lip balm stashed in multiple areas of the house and different bags. I can’t be trusted to just have 1 that I put in my pocket because it inevitably ends up in the laundry.

pūr~lisse Daily Lip Nourisher Heals Lips Fast

I received the pūr~lisse Daily Lip Nourisher sample. I was already sold given my current love of shea butter and that is petroleum free. I was happy that it didn’t have a greasy or sticky feel going on like I was expecting. After about 10 minutes my lips felt amazing and dare I say healthy. The mango scent is very slight and pleasant, but not a taste from what I can tell. After just a few days there has been a huge improvement in my whole chapped lip situation. A perpetually dry area that would not go away is 95% healed! And I’m not waking up every morning with that sandpaper feeling.

pur-lisse lip nourisher

On the back of the sample it says to wait until it soaks in and you can use this product under lipstick and gloss. I was skeptical before I applied, but after you wait it doesn’t feel like it sits on top of your lips like most products do.  I gave it a whirl and both cream and liquid lipsticks applied wonderfully over it. It did not alter the color or texture and actually, because my lip texture was improved the product felt better on.

Naturally I had to see what other magical products were in the pūr~lisse line and learn more about them. The coolest thing is that it was developed by Jennifer Yen, an actress that played Vypra on the Power Rangers! (Yes, I’m a nerd and this made me super happy) after experiencing negative effects of stage makeup and bright lights. She turned to her grandmother’s Asian beauty secrets and combined it with French beauty  technology and created pūr~lisse. The products have a great midrange pricepoint. If you are looking to try out a variety of product there are some travel kits available with a selection of product and an adorable bag for the just $58.

The full-size (.38oz) pūr~lisse Daily Lip Nourisher is just $16. If you are an Ipsy subscriber, you can get 30% off your purchase on the pūr~lisse site by logging into your Ipsy account and go to Offers > Brand Offers and get your code.

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