I love Paul Reiser, I can’t remember what show he was on but I have caught his act and he is pretty funny. I also remember kinda liking his book though I can’t remember the name of his book either.

He has written a piece for The Huffington Post titled Yeah–You and Whose Army?

He compares John McCain and the Republican Machinery to the school yard bully and Barack Obama as the weak little/new kid victim.

We’re in the 3rd grade again. The skinny, smart kid who just moved in to the neighborhood is getting roughed-up by the asshole bully. The kid who hits you in the head with your hand and says, “Why’re you hitting yourself? Why’re you hitting yourself?”

“Um, actually I’m not. You’re hitting me.”

“You calling me a liar?”

“No, I’m just pointing out that…” SMACK!

“Why’re you hitting yourself?”

And there seems to be no one to appeal to. There’re no grown-ups around when you need ’em. No one to step in and say, “Alright, that’s enough now. We don’t do that here, fella.” And in the absence of any authority, the asshole gets to keep doing it.

“Why’re you hitting yourself? SMACK! Why’re you hitting yourself?”

My brother is two years older than me and I have been the victim of this game many times. I know what it is like and it is frustrating. My parents would tell me time and time again to stand up for myself. My brother never actually hurt me but he did embarrass me. My pride was hurt more than anything else. I complained to my parents that I wasn’t big enough to stand up for myself. My brother was bigger, older and stronger. My parents would intervene but that just usually made it worse for me later. Finally I had enough and when he made me hit myself with my own hand the next time I kicked him in the balls. I know, I know it was a horrible thing to do. I had been told never to do that. The thing is, it worked. I only had to do it once. My parents sent me to my room for kicking him in the balls but it was worth it. He never did it to me again.

So far Obama hasn’t figured this out. Which frightens me if he were to become Commander in Chief. When the Russians or the Iranians pick on us what is he going to do? Is he going to look around for a teacher or some other authority figure? If he is president he is the authority figure. He is the one everyone else looks to in times of crisis.

Reiser goes on to illustrate how castrated Obama and the Democratic party is:

Now everyone is calling for Obama to “get angry.” “Get out there and frown this way, curl your lip that way, and clench your fist like so.” And, I don’t know….. That’d be cool. Sure. But I don’t think the fix can come just from him. There’s only so much the guy can do. It’s going to have to be us. I don’t know what exactly we need to do, but I know we’ll do it. I have to believe — I mean I really have to believe we’re big enough, strong enough and smart enough to reclaim what’s ours. I love my children too much to let the assholes take over the school yard.

Reiser seems to be channeling Stuart Smalley, who is busy losing the senate campaign in Minnesota right now. The Democrats simply don’t know what to do when threatened and the White House is no place for men or women who can not stand up for themselves.