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None. I even lifted up the dead leaves and other crap that accumulated over the winter. There are no tulips poking up yet. It has been warm, wonderfully so, but there is still too much snow. According to Jonathan that isn’t the issue, the angle of the sun is, but whatever the angle of the sun happens to be I am pretty sure the snow has to be gone so the sun can get to the ground to warm it up.

Spring in Minnesota, spring flooding, signs of spring, Jonathan Yuhas, Kare 11 news, no tulips yet

I really wanted there to be tulips today. If the weather holds like this I wouldn’t be surprised if we had some sign of them by Saturday or Sunday but that will be too late for Jonathan. Someone is going to have to stand on one foot during the Kare 11 Sunrise News tomorrow.

However, I did spot this when I was out looking at the mess that is my backyard.

Spring in Minnesota, spring cleaning, Minnesota Humor Blogger, Minnesota Blogger,

How did I miss this all winter long? I know who did this, the big one is too tall to get under there, and he doesn’t mix up his letters anymore, so that only leaves the little creative one. I do not feel like painting the deck this year.

Yes, it would have been really nice to have some tulips today. I suppose I could get some at Kowalski’s but today is St. Patrick’s Day and if I can avoid driving I will. Instead I have a backyard full of soggy dog poop and for some strange reason about ten mismatched gloves that don’t look familiar. I also noticed a bag of leaves that didn’t get taken to the compost site last fall.  Jonathan was nice enough to pass on this link to a site that tracks the tulips of spring. I haven’t quite figured out how it works yet but only because I was focused on the part where all the Canadas should be.


I stand corrected! I do have tulips in my backyard! I can’t believe it anymore than you all do but here is the proof.

Spring tulips in Minnesota on St. Patrick's Day, first signs of spring in Minnesota, Jonathan Yuhas was right, Kare11.com,

These were not here this morning, or if they were they were still covered with snow.

tulips in Minnesota, spring in Minnesota, minnesota blogger, Minnesota blog, Jonathan Yuhas predicts there will be tulips by St. Patrick's day, Kare 11, Kare11.com

So, Jonathan, you were right. I am in awe of your tulip predicting abilities.

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I guess that means you don’t have to stand on one foot for your forecast tomorrow. However, a shout out during the broadcast would still be really nice. You rock Jonathan, you are the ultimate weather guy, there is no stumping you, bravo.

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