My son and all of his friends went to a Screaming Mechanical Brain concert this past weekend. There were 7 other bands playing at this rec center venue. It was my job to drive the boys to the concert and my son’s dad was going to pick them up. Earlier that day my son’s step mom colored son’s hair for the event. A month ago she had bleached out his hair and then dyed the bottom part black and the top part hot pink. The pink was a temporary color job which faded out over the last month so it was in need of new color. He dyed it electric blue this time. It actually looks really cool, much better than the pink.

I have heard the music of this band though I must admit it sounds like just a bunch of guys screaming to me. Son has been to many of their concerts and has met the band members many times.

All the boys were excited about the concert and had dressed in the most hideous fashions they could find. They all fancy themselves outcasts. All 7 of them. Because I was shuttling so many of them I had to take the truck which no longer has working A/C. It was warm in the car. By the time we arrived everyone was sweating. It probably didn’t help that the boys pounded energy drinks so they could mosh properly. All were a bit green around the gills for having drunk Monster and 5 hour energy. Son on the other hand was not green but blue. The dye had mixed with the sweat of his forehead and dribbled down his face. I tried to give him a baby wipe to wipe it off but he was too excited to really give his face a good scrub. I would have liked to have washed all of these boys off as some of them had bathed in Axe.

My son and his friends like to think of themselves as rebels on the fringe. Even though they all look the same they think they are unique with regard to style. I try to hold my tongue. I was unable to do that however when we pulled into the parking lot and there were at least 75 other kids dressed exactly like they were. Many had blue hair just like my son’s save for the blue face. Before I had time to think I stated that “Oh there are 100 kids just like you…who’d have guessed?”

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