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Does it seem as if I have been just phoning it in lately? It does to me. If I haven’t had a guest post or a sponsored post I don’t think I would have time to write at all.

I haven’t lost my writing mojo, I’ve just been using it elsewhere so by the time it comes around to this old blog I don’t have much left to give. Reminds me of some bad relationships.

I’m not going away but I am finishing a project that will keep me from writing here for just a bit longer. I hope you can bear with me or hang in there with me for a while longer.

I do have things I want to write about:

  • That chick from Shake It Up who really needs to eat
  • Walmart and Mexico
  • The 2012 Campaign (I have so much to say about that)
  • The Pirates! Band of Misfits (it sucked but my daughter loved it)

and all kinds of other important topics that I just don’t have the time to delve into right now.

But I will, soon, I promise.

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