Yesterday I decided to clean my son’s room. Usually I let him handle this awful task, and with enough nagging he does keep it looking and smelling ok. About a month ago we lost one of the cordless phones. I have three. One for each level of the house.

My son who talks all night on the phone with the girlfriend will run the battery down and then come upstairs and take another charged phone. Often “forgetting” to put the dead one on the charger. We talk about this problem on a regular basis.

The phone has been gone for a month. I have assumed it was his fault and have made him search his room several times. He has gotten his friends involved in the search and they have gone at it CSI style using flashlights to go over ever inch of the room.

I almost bought a replacement phone last week but knew once I hit the check out button and it was being shipped the lost phone would turn up. So I held off. Yes, I have tried paging the phone but the battery is long since dead.

Which brings me to yesterday. I was going to do a thorough cleaning of his room and figured I’d watch tv while in the process. When I turned it on Jon and Kate Plus 8 was just beginning so I figured I’d watch and see what all the fuss is about.

Jon and Kate were picking out beds for their 8 kids. From what I gather there are a set of twins and then sextuplets. Why anyone would choose to have more kids after a set of twins I don’t know but to each his own I guess. They brought all of the kids to the furniture store. The kids were tearing around, jumping on the beds and having a blast. Jon and Kate were not. Jon was a little irritated with the kids and with Kate, for having all of them I suspect. I’d be irritated too if I had that many kids and then a camera crew following me around all day and then being expected to talk (argue) with my wife about what was going on in our relationship.

I was vacuuming and cleaning out dust bunnies from underneath my son’s furniture but I was listening to the program. All I could hear was children screaming and parents bickering at one another. I had to turn the channel. I didn’t need to listen to that, I couldn’t stand listening to that. I spent oodles of money so I didn’t have to argue anymore with another parent I can’t understand why anyone would want to watch this show let alone call it “Priceless”. At least I know what it is all about now and I can avoid it at all costs.

I never found the phone.