**If you haven’t seen last night’s episode of The Walking Dead then now is your chance to leave. I’ll be discussing major spoilers.

If you caught The Walking Dead last night, Season 6 Episode 3, you know that there is some question as to the death of beloved character Glenn. Glenn was pulled into a herd of walkers when Nicolas, the dumbass who tried to kill Glenn at least once on purpose and another time out of dumbassery, killed himself and fell into the herd with Glenn getting pulled down with him.

It looks as if, maybe, Glenn landed with Nicholas’s body on top of him. He could have scurried under the dumpster, allowing him to kill a walker and cover himself in decayed flesh to go unnoticed until the herd could move on.

I suppose it’s possible. Social media is suggesting that because Steven Yuen wasn’t on The Talking Dead following the show and wasn’t mentioned in the In Memoriam piece that he is still alive. Scott Gimple, writer and producer of the Walking Dead, provided a statement saying that Glenn’s story wasn’t over, that we’d see more of him in one way or another. This could mean flashbacks or dreams or that he’s still alive.

Hopefully the ambiguity won’t last too long.

My best guess, based on the show and the scene in question (not the comic) is that Glenn is dead. When the walkers started eating either Glenn or Nicholas there was blood spurting. If it had been Nicolas, who was already dead, there would have been no spurting blood. However, Glenn dies in a very different and spectacular way in the comic so maybe he’s still alive?

The writers and producers have strayed from the story line in the comic before. In the comic Sofia lives while Carol has passed away a long time ago. In the comic, Daryl doesn’t exist and Rick loses his hand (that might actually happen based on the cut he got in last night’s episode, though it looks as if he may not make it either).

What do you think? Is Glenn alive or dead? Will Rick get out of the hoard that’s surrounding him? If Glenn is dead what will happen to Maggie? She’s lost so much in the past few months this one she may not be able to recover from.