IRS email scam


I’m so sick of spammers and scammers. I received this fake IRS email a week or so ago and have been meaning to post it. This is a really bad fake IRS email and if you’ve ever filed your taxes you know that the deadline is not the end of January but April 15th.

Other ways to tell that this is a phishing email is by the language used. Sure the IRS may have once used the word herewith but it’s probably been 100 years or so. No one talks that way anymore. Also, the IRS has never cared about reasons before, they certainly don’t care if you have a good reason for not filing now.

Phishing is common during tax season so be careful when opening emails from the IRS, Turbo Tax, H&R Block and any other big name preparer out there. If you get an email from one of these entities and aren’t sure if they are legit simply hold your cursor over the link and see where it goes to (a little box will pop up with the URL). Do Not Click The Link!!!

If the email is threatening or worrisome open a new browser window or tab and type in the URL of the company that you use. For instance IRS.Gov or If you have an account log in and search for the notification.

Never give your social security number to anyone who asks for it in an email. Don’t click on any links in these emails.

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