Sorry I have been away for so long. I had a little surgery and it has been tough getting back in the swing of things. I have also started a new job so I have very little time these days.

But, I wanted to comment on the nurse who tried to run the IV in my arm for the anesthesia I had for the surgery. I had surgery on my wrist over twenty years ago for a ganglion cyst. My left wrist has two faint scars on it that look as if I tried to slice my wrist on both sides. Because I am fair skinned the scars are noticeable but I have long since stopped seeing them. I have had two C-Sections and never had a problem with an IV. The nurse who was in charge of giving me the IV was nice enough though she did have a heavy accent much like the people I was dealing with during my HP showdown. Not that it matters but I thought it was funny. Anyway, She couldn’t get the IV to work in my left hand. She then tried it in my forearm on my left arm. Again she could not get the IV to flow. Part of the problem might, just might, have been that she inserted the needle into my arm and then pushed it in at such an angle that it actually came out about an inch and a half later.

She apologized profusely and told me to put ice on it when I got home. This was at 6am and I wasn’t expected to leave the hospital until noon. She told me that my veins were no good in my left arm because of the surgery I had twenty some years ago. The scar tissue had grown in and blocked my veins I guess. After poking me numerous times she finally pulled in the doctor and had him give it a go. He was easily able to insert the needle into my right hand and the IV flowed with out incident.

It’s been just over a week and I still look like a heroin addict. Both hands are bruised on the top and my left forearm is all black and blue and yellow.