I just returned from voting. It took less than five minutes and that was only because I had to register since I moved last year. There was no waiting to actually vote.

I’m not sure this is a good thing. It seems most people were expecting a much longer wait since they all brought books, crossword puzzles or something else to entertain themselves with.

There were a couple of guys outside, who were registering as well, who joked that any dems must come back tomorrow to vote since today was the republican voting day. No one took them seriously and all had a chuckle about it.

As I left my house a couple of Obama Girls were knocking on doors to remind people to vote. They asked if they could hang a sign on my door for Obama.

“Sure, it’ll prevent another one of you from knocking on my door.”

They agreed and left the door hanger.

All in all it was a normal voting moment. I got my red sticker and placed in on the fridge.

Has anyone faced any problems voting today?