Okay everyone, so I don’t have to keep telling you all individually, I wrote the email that asked you to confirm your subscription to my newsletter.

It’s not spam.

I am trying a new auto email service and had to load everyone in for the first run. Because no one likes spam, the service insists that everyone has to opt in again.

So, if you like getting my updates, or if you don’t really mind enough to tell me to stop sending them to you, then by all means click on the confirmation link.

I thought I explained it in the email but apparently it didn’t work, or ya’ll just don’t read the directions.

If you didn’t get an email asking to confirm your subscription to the Redhead Ranting newsletter that is only because I haven’t updated my list in over a month or so. If you didn’t get an email from me today and you want to subscribe to my newsletter (which is only for plugging my blog and my peeps) then sign up on the form on the right and you will get added to the list. I will never share the list with anyone so don’t worry about that.

If you don’t want to get me in your inbox at the very least subscribe to my feed so I don’t look like such a big loser. Seriously at one point I had over 170 people who subscribed to my feed. What happened to everyone? The little chicklet is over there by my EC widget.

I’m still messing with my theme so don’t get all freaked out if it looks different every time you stop by. Eventually I will get bored and just leave it, even if I don’t like it. Or I’ll go back to the old one. I don’t really know yet.

Thanks everyone and Happy Monday!