A few months ago JD, from I do Things So You Don’t Have To, was looking for ideas for posts. Like all good bloggers she had hit the wall and had simply run out of things to do for us so she decided to open her blog for requests. I jumped on the opportunity to have her do something that I am tired of doing myself. I asked her to find a man for me.

Don’t worry there is no money being exchanged so she isn’t actually pimping for me. What is JD doing to find a man for me? She has completely rewritten my lame ass profile on Match.com. And, I must say, it is better than I imagined it could be. You can read the reworked profile over on her blog. JD is also checking out profiles of potential ex husbands for me. If she thinks they are worthy she is “winking” at them or if they are especially fantastic she is going to send them an email for me.

Finding a mate has never been a problem for me. Finding one that is half way decent has been. I tend to fall for the bad boys. I figure if JD does the screening I can get past the bad boys that are out there and find one who is a real catch. Not that all bad boys are bad boys but… well they are. They are fun and exciting and all of that good stuff but they don’t often stay for as long as I would like them to. They also tend to have a lot of baggage I no longer want to deal with.

It isn’t enough for JD to pick my next ex husband. That’s all good, but we thought it would be even more fun if we had participation from our fellow bloggers. So, dear readers, it is up to you to search the nooks and crannies of Match.com and find the one you think might be a good match for me. You do not have to sign up to search the gazillions of lonely men out there all you have to do is go to Match.com and start searching based on the criteria JD has listed for me. Again you can find it on her blog. I live in the 55105 zip code and it would probably be a good thing to start the search in that area but I am not against a long distance relationship. I also have a weakness for a British accent. If you find one, or several, then copy the profile URL and paste it into either the comment section here or the one over at I Do Things.

This should be a lot of fun. Check back for updates.

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