It’s Saturday night, I have no children at home this evening (dad’s weekend) and what am I doing? I’m watching You’ve Got Mail and Up Close and Personal. I’m switching between the two but mostly watching Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. I get this movie confused with Sleepless In Seattle which if it were on I would be watching that too.

Interestingly I used to own a bookstore back in the 90’s. Customers would all ask me if it was like the movie which I thought was a weird question but at the time all the big box stores were encroaching into my territory so maybe it wasn’t such an odd question. Actually it was similar in a way. For a week or so I dated a guy who owned another bookstore not far from mine. However we were both independent bookstores so not quite the same. I went under (Border’s and Barnes & Noble moved in within two miles of me) he is still in business 12 years later (he has a great niche store). My how time flies.