Duh, I know. If you have been reading my blog for a while you have already figured this little factoid out but I wasn’t convinced until today.

Yesterday my daughter and her friend went outside with the idea that they would start the garden. I even bought my daughter some seeds at the hardware store when I picked up a filter for my furnace. I knew she was going to plant them and even mentioned to her that it was a bit too early. Given the fact that she intended on planting them at the bottom of the slide and that it was still way too early I explained that the poor beans didn’t stand a chance.

She didn’t care she had something to do and since she was occupied I didn’t care either. Yeah she and her friend were playing in the mud, yes they were filling up containers of water and dragging them outside since I still haven’t turned on the hose. Already so many things were wrong with this project but I didn’t care. My daughter and her friend have been on spring vacation for the last week and I just wanted her to find something to do that was outside instead of inside.

Even when I noticed that she had tired of planting real seeds and decided that planting crayons and jelly beans was the way to go I didn’t object. I did explain that neither the crayons or the jelly beans would produce a plant she just shrugged her shoulders and told me I didn’t know anything about gardens.

The thing is I do. I also know a thing or two about dogs and when you plant jelly beans eventually the dog will find them. He will dig for them and then he will eat them along with a lot of dirt. He may even get a crayon or two and since he isn’t the most picky of eaters he will eat the crayons as well.

I’ve had dogs who eat crayons before. I know how it all comes out. Crayons, jelly beans and dirt are not the best diet for a dog. I could have stopped this. I knew the dog was going to get covered in dirt, eat a bunch of stuff he shouldn’t and then puke it up on my floor. What hasn’t been barfed up will come out the other end. At least it will be colorful.

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