I planted brussel sprouts and zucchini this spring. I also planted tomatoes and a variety of herbs. I planted the brussel sprout too close together so they didn’t do so well which is fine since I don’t like them anyway. One of the seeds traveled a fair distance and got away from the crowd and actually produced real brussel sprouts. I don’t believe in using pestides however so all the little veggies have bite holes in them. Because the brussel sprout plant is so large and the leaves are so big all of my herbs suffered for lack of son. The basil and rosemary are hanging on for dear life until I can take them out of the garden and put them in a pot to grow inside during the fast approaching winter. The rest of the herbs died two months ago.

My tomato plants have produced fruit, but they are anemic and still very green. I went away for the week on the 4th and forgot to ask anyone to water them. I think they are teasing me now.

The zucchini has done very well. I have more zucchini than I know what to do with and my children are tired of me putting it in every meal. When I tried to sneak it into their PB&Js they rebelled and refused to eat anymore. I have been leaving it on my neighbors doorsteps in the middle of the night but I think they know it was me.

My neighbor planted broccoli this spring and had one plant that he couldn’t fit into his garden. He gave it to me where I immediately left it on my patio table for two weeks before I planted it in a small pot. His broccoli filled up his entire garden much like my brussel sprouts. He and his family have been feasting on the most wonderfully tasty broccoli for the last month. I have a teeny, tiny broccoli bud that is about the size of a quarter.

Tonight both of my daughter’s friends came over to play before dinner. Both brought with them a paper bag filled with tomatoes. Both girls announced, separately I might add, that the tomatoes had been washed and were ready to eat. They also said that we were welcome to more. When I called the moms to thank them they both said they were sick of tomatoes. I don’t feel so bad about the zucchini anymore.