DSCN0924You wouldn’t know it by looking outside, it really looks like Christmas or at least Thanksgiving but Halloween is just around the corner.

I’m one of those moms who waits until the last minute, when there are no good costumes left, to buy my kid their costume. This is one of the many reasons I never get nominated for Mother of the Year.

This year I thought ahead and ordered my daughter’s costume from Extreme Halloween. Because I thought ahead, and because we are having a Halloween party I ordered a costume for myself. I’ll post pictures when we get closer to Halloween. Even the dog is getting a costume.

Extreme Halloween has given me some coupons to share with you. There are some great perks to being a blogger and the little bonuses, though not as good as the Clinique Bonus, are some of what make it so much fun.

This post published before I was finished editing it. I was trying to figure out the auto-post feature and the damn thing is on military time so sorry it went up before it was finished.

Don’t forget my contest for a free ad for a month. Just answer the question from my post about movies that aren’t worth watching. The question was:

What movie did I watch the other day from start to finish?

I’ll give you a couple of hints.

It is not The Accidental Tourist.

If you have read my blog you have seen several posts that mention this movie and that I have seen this movie at least 487 times, not necessarily because it is a good movie, though I love it, but because it is always on.