My feelings about Gwen Stafani Urban Decay palette have been a roller coaster. I was fucking thrilled when Urban Decay and Gwen Stefani were teaming up – about fucking time right? But I gotta admit, my reaction was much the same as the rest of the UD loving community when I caught my first glimpse of the palette with all of the nudes in it…..

Naked Redux?

Why the hell do I need this when any self proclaimed makeup whore already has at least two Naked palettes, right? I wanted no part of this and thought it was boring garbage and I wasn’t paying for something I already had……but……but…..I fucking love Gwen.

And then I saw it in person and fucking fell apart and threw all my principles and stances out the window. And in my stupid little Sephora black basket it went.

But, I Love It!!!!

It’s like a sassier Naked palette! It has become my goto for when I need a more conservative or natural look. And yet there are still plenty of shimmers and a few pops of color fun combinations to add a little edge to your look. And even on days when I am using bolder colors from my Kat Von D palettes and Metal Crush Shadows, I often will use the shadows from this palette as highlighters.

I purchased mine at Sephora (of course) which also came with a sample of a few of the lipsticks which I am looking forward to trying out.

The Urban Decay Gwen Stefani eyeshadow palette is available at Sephora and Urban Decay for $25.