funny places in the internet, places to waste a lot of time on the web, sites to visit to kill some time, funny websites, funny autocorrect, Do you ever get tired of Facebook? I know I do and yet I still need a good way to kill several hours each day when I should be working. Sure, I can use Stumble when I don’t want to bother with the Facebook Time Suck Continuum but even that gets a little old sometimes. There is nothing worse than merrily Stumbling along, giggling the whole time and than BAM you are shown some website that is totally inappropriate. It’s like making out with someone and then he talks dirty to you when you were totally going for that romantic groove. Not to worry, there is a great place to go when you need to get your latest Photoshop Fail or funny autocorrect photo.

Buzz Lol is a great place to waste some time when you should be doing something else. Surfing through the Animal posts is time well spent. Yes, you can get your giggle on and not get poked by all those people from high school you have successfully avoided until Facebook came along.