I received a card from a dear friend today. I kinda knew it was coming since he asked me yesterday what was in my mail while we were instant messaging. I’m sure that sentence is wrong.

I got the card today, along with all the other mail I try to avoid. Just receiving it made my day. I’m always amazed and humbled by these kinds of things. The little things people do for one another that seem so easy and yet mean so much. So much. Reaching out to one another is so important and yet I think we all sort of forget about doing things like this more often than not.

Every now and again I make a point to compliment perfect strangers. I do this because I find myself becoming negative and critical even if I keep it to myself. I try to remember that there is always something good about everyone and forcing myself to compliment a stranger is a good way to see the positive. They often think I am strange, trying to pick them up or just lonely but they also always appreciate the compliment and smile.

I’d been feeling isolated lately and getting this reminder from my friend that I am not alone was a wonderful thing. I am a lucky person to have such a friend as are all of his other friends. I hope he knows how much it means to me that he gave of himself in such a big way.