Tomorrow is my daughter’s first day or kindergarten. She is officially a “big kid”. I am so proud. Last week we met with her new teacher and explored the room where my daughter is going to be learning. She is in a class with 28 other five and six year olds. I have so much respect and awe for teachers already but anyone who can take control of 29 five year olds has courage.

The first day of school was moved back a few days due to the RNC. The rest of the kids started on time but they wanted the kindergartners to have a safe and uneventful ride on the bus and some of the buses had to go through the convention/protest area.

The teacher explained to me and my daughter that on the first day of school and continuing for the week, no parents were allowed inside the classroom. We had to say our goodbyes in the hall and then move on. Tomorrow they are providing a breakfast for all of the heartbroken parents. The teacher also explained that the class had 15 minutes of homework a night. Which means that I have 15 minutes of homework a night. Right now it is simply reading a book that my daughter checks out from the library at school but as the year progresses she is to read the book to me.

I can not wait until she can read. I am almost as excited about her learning how to read as I was about my son getting his permit. I know I am a crazy mom for wanting my son to drive but it is comforting to me to know that there is another driver in the house. As for my daughter reading it will give my bad knee a rest. Right now my daughter can play online at many kid sites like PBS Kids and Nick Jr. Those sites are designed for a non reader. The problem is she has discovered other sites that she wants to play as well but they are designed with a reader in mind. Which means I have to go up and down the stairs many times to read what is on the monitor. I am also excited that she is about to discover the joys of reading and maybe, just maybe if she can read to herself I will be able to read myself.

My baby is growing up. I do not yet have any pangs of wishing she was still a baby nor do I wish to have another so I can start the whole process over. I enjoyed it while it lasted but I look forward to her growth and development into a teen and young adult. I might be singing a different tune tomorrow but right now I am pretty sure I will be one of those parents skipping out of the building looking forward to her new independence.