If you’re like me you’ve wondered about the NoNo! hair removal system that is all over home shopping networks and late night TV. Does the NoNo! Hair Removing System really work and more importantly how does the NoNo! work?

I wondered that too because I am always looking for an easier way to have smooth legs without stubble the next day. I love the way my legs feel right after shaving but it only lasts for a day at best. Full disclosure, I come from an extremely hair family. My father was so hairy he’d have to shave his face twice a day and never needed a sweater because he could grow one himself. My brother is the same way. I don’t have have hair on my back or chest but my legs get pretty furry if I don’t shave often.

And I hate shaving so I’ve been on the hunt for something that removes hair, leaves my legs feeling smooth and doesn’t hurt. Shaving meets all of those requirements but I have to do it regularly and the results don’t last long. I tried waxing once, it hurt, it didn’t leave my legs smooth on the first try, and it was expensive. And, I had to get nearly naked in front of a stranger and that is something I’d rather not do if I can help it.

So, after too many sleepless nights watching the infomercial for the NoNo! I decided to purchase a NoNo! from HSN because they offered flexible payments and offered a money back guarantee. The NoNo! is kind of expensive so I wanted to make sure if it didn’t work for me that I could return it. I read many reviews before purchasing and while many of them said the product didn’t work it seemed to be due to user error more than a deficiency in the device. Most people used it once and expected smooth skin but it doesn’t work that way, as stated in the sales video or any of the documentation found online. There were a few very positive reviews and all said that you needed to use the product on a regular basis to achieve the desired results.

I got the NoNo!Pro which came with a bunch of Thermicon tips for use on the legs, arms, bikini area and face. The package I purchased came with a carrying case, a CD, and a bunch of gem stickers so I could bling out my NoNo!. I gave them to the daughter and she blinged the dogs. Can’t imagine why anyone would want to add gem stickers to their shaving device but…whatever.

Using the NoNo! takes a little practice. You have to hold it at a 90° angle and pull it against the grain of the hair in a smooth motion. This keeps the Thermicon tip engaged. If you don’t move it in a smooth and continuous movement the device will sort of jerk. It’s to prevent the NoNo! from burning your skin.

That’s how it works, the NoNo! burns the hairs as you drag it across your skin. They don’t show this in the commercials that I’ve seen. Because it is burning the hairs you can see little puffs of smoke and you can smell the distinct smell of burning hair as you use it. The directions promote this as a good thing because “that’s how you know it’s working!”.

I’ve only used it a couple of times and the documentation clearly states it takes 4-6 weeks to achieve the desired results, so I’m not ready to suggest you go out and buy a NoNo! just yet but so far, my experience with the product has been very positive. It is easy to use, it doesn’t hurt at all and my legs are getting smoother after just two uses.

Have you tried the NoNo!? What was your experience, did the NoNo! keep your legs smooth?