Now that it is April and summer may really be around the corner I determined today by stepping on the scale that I must lose some weight. I hate going to the gym but I love walking and hiking and stuff like that. Getting exercise in the warmer months is easy but in the winter I let everything go. I did really well during the holidays but something happened after them. Depression about this never ending winter it my guess. So I am trying to lose thirty pounds.

In the past, after giving birth, I used the high protein/low carb diet and had easy success with it. I can eat as much as I want of proteins but have to cut out chips, pasta and anything that has a chance of having sugar in it. The nice thing about this diet is it is fairly quick. Which is good because I can’t go too long without chocolate, though it is much easier in the summer.

I’m starting today but have not gone to the grocery store. I want to use up what I have first. So I have corned beef left over from Saint Patrick’s Day and ham from Easter. I will either lose weight from sticking to the diet or from puking up the food that is probably too old to be consuming.