What a night!

I didn’t get to watch the returns until it was pretty much called. I had to work and asked my son to text me with the results as they came in but we live in cell hell and he couldn’t get a message out. I did call periodically and I bugged every customer about what they had heard, but I didn’t get to see anything concrete until I got home long after most of the polls had closed.

I’m not surprised Barrack Obama won the election. He ran a spectacular campaign against an opponent who never really found his voice. I am disappointed that my candidate didn’t win but I am not upset or angry that Barrack Obama won. In fact I am pretty tickled and quiet proud about the outcome.

We, that is the US, made history last night. We elected our first African American president. Probably long overdue. Barrack Obama’s election to the highest office in the land has raised the bar for everyone. Not just African Americans but for everyone. Barrack was raised by a single mom, he doesn’t have a pedigree of any kind that usually wins the White House. If he could become president truly anyone can. We should all be proud and we should all work harder to achieve the things we desire in this time we are here. The whining should officially stop now. We all need to get up, stop complaining and raise ourselves to our potential as Barrack Obama has. He has demonstrated, rather gracefully, that it can be done.