There could be a few more “ch-ch”s in there, I’m really not sure. I have made my move over to my own domain using WordPress. I’m still fiddling with it so don’t be surprised if it changes several times in the next few weeks. In fact it will probably change if you hit the refresh button. I’ve switched the theme so many times in the last few days that my butt hurts from sitting in front of the computer. I’m also a bit punchy from the whole process. Don’t worry I am having a glass of wine right now. Which ought to make the next few themes interesting.

Right now the bare bones of the site are up but I have a lot more to move over, this is really worse than moving from one house to another. The blogroll will go up as well as any other links from other blogs. If yours isn’t here don’t panic, I’ll get to it. If after a couple of weeks it still isn’t here shoot me an email and let me know.

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