A new Campaign Season has begun. Yesterday Hillary Clinton officially threw her hat in the ring. It was a shocking move since no one was expecting her to run for President.

Marco Rubio threw his hat in the ring as well but nobody cared.

If you look around any social media sites you can see how the campaign is going to shake out. This time around the right isn’t going to be labeled as racists out of touch with the middle class, they will be labeled as misogynists out of touch with the middle class. We’ll look back on 2015/2016 as The Great Gender War.

I’m not much of a fan of Hillary Clinton and apparently those on the left aren’t either, much preferring a run from Elizabeth Warren who swears up and down she is not running for President (right now anyway). I’m not much of a Hillary Clinton fan but not because I don’t think she’ll make a decent President. Certainly she has the experience to be President. In fact she probably has more experience than anyone who is running or who has held the position in the last 10-16 years. She’s a skilled liar, she has balls of steel and she has some of that Teflon that her “husband” is so famous for. If that doesn’t make a President I don’t know what does.

If she promised that Bill would sit behind the desk in the Oval Office I’d give her my vote. I like Bill. He’s charming and smarmy enough to be entertaining. Hillary is not. She isn’t publicly charming and if any of the stories are correct she likes to throw things when angry. That shit just scares me.

Sadly, none of her qualifications or campaign promises matter. And neither do the qualifications and promises of Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz or anyone else for that matter. Campaigns are no longer about character, skill, experience, honesty (not that it ever was) or integrity. Today a presidential campaign is about social media and who can vilify the other side the best.

Thanks Obama.

The last several elections have been exciting. I’m a single mother who writes a humor blog, not really a political junkie, but I enjoy the excitement, more for sport than anything else but I do love the show. The 2008 election was an exciting election because there were so many qualified candidates. My guy didn’t win but I wasn’t disappointed with the winner.

At least not on election night.

That race was about the old way of doing things and the new way of doing things. It was about idealism vs pragmatism. The Obama campaign was a well oiled and finely tuned machine. Nothing could get in its way, especially an old man with some crazy ass soccer mom at his heels. The media was relentless in its attack on Sarah Palin. They not only skewered her but they went after her children and grandchildren too. Today they’d call that sexism but because she sits on the right it’s okay.

I hope Hillary doesn’t take the victim road to win the election. She’s a strong woman and I can’t imagine there was ever a glass ceiling that got in her way. She’s a determined woman too, probably more so than her husband. At least with regard to politics. She’s a great politician and she will probably win because the media would like a first female president. It doesn’t matter if she would make a good president. Hell, Rand Paul is more liberal than she is and he doesn’t throw things when he’s upset.

Hillary’s handicap is that she is a woman, a strong woman who doesn’t need gender affirmative action to do anything. And yet, that will be the reason she wins the 2016 presidential election. She will be thrown the same softball questions that Obama got during both of his campaigns. Thing is, she’s such a great politician she won’t need them.

I’d like to see a woman president, but I don’t want to elect someone to that office simply because they are a woman and the time is right for a female president. How much more condescending can that sentiment be?