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I’ve been noticing a trend lately, maybe you have too. If someone finds a unique hook, writes something radically different or changes their theme to a never before used design, everyone else does the same thing.

This needs to stop.

I wrote a while ago how bloggers were getting their periods at the same time. I said it in jest and to point out that we tend to write about a lot of the same topics at the same time. Sometimes this is done deliberately in the form of a carnival or theme but often times it seems as if one blogger finds a great topic and then others, who see how popular it was, basically steal it. They rewrite it and throw it up on their blog.

I know, stealing is a strong word.

I’ve gotten many topics by stealing.  Just the other day I was over at MrsBlogalot’s and saw what a great post she had written about being a blog junkie. I left a comment and while writing it noticed I had a post in the making. My Boyfriend or Blog post was born out of her Blog Junkie post. However, they weren’t the same post. Lately I have seen many blogs that seem to have taken the post from another blogger, change a word or two and then call it there own. This happened over at recently. She had posted a little tip about what to do with that last slice of bread. Several comments were left thanking her for such a helpful tip. The next day one of the commenters used the post, didn’t even bother to change it up, as her own.

Stealing is wrong.  And thankfully it doesn’t happen all that often.

What I have noticed happening more often is blogs are being copied in theme, tone of voice and especially schtick.

I don’t know who started the cat blog fad, probably that cheeseburger cat, but whoever did it is now responsible for 352 billion blogs about cats, dogs, goats and other animals. I’ve even seen hermit crabs. Seriously, hermit crabs? They aren’t the most social of animals. How does anyone fill a post with a talking hermit crab?

Well, I hid in my shell most of the day. When it got dark I crawled around looking for water. They forgot to feed me again.

Having said there are billions of animal blogs I have to say this, there are three of them who do it so well I honestly think I am leaving a comment for a furry friend. Daisy, Pricilla and Nooter are superb at the animal blog genre. When I stop by the Maaaaa of Pricilla and leave a comment I know a goat has not only written the post but is also reading my comments. When Nooter stops by my blog I get all excited because I love dogs and he is so cute and reminds me of one of my dogs who is no longer here. I feel as if I need to leave dog treats out for him, just to get him to stop by on his rounds.

The reason these animal blogs are so good is because the authors never break character and they don’t treat their audience like idiots. These blogs are irreverent and self deprecating which makes them so enjoyable. Even though I have a cat I am not a cat person. My cat ignores me. I am only good for feeding her, changing her litter box and providing my feet for her to sleep on. Cats don’t take to me usually. I am a dog person. Because of the way my cat treats me, like I am her bitch or something, I fly by most of the cat blogs. Not Daisy and Harley. They are cute and they do good things for other animals. They also remind me of my children. These animal blogs are intelligent and interesting. The millions of copycat blogs that try to be like them are not. They are just annoying.

Another thing that has just gotten way out of hand is the strike through. It was funny at first but now it’s getting old. Maybe I need to wear my glasses more often but I have a hell of a time reading what is under the strike through slashes. If you don’t want to say something then don’t say it. Use the backspace key and get rid of the original thought. We all know we think horrible thought sometimes and lie about them. It’s been done to death.

( I would have totally over used the strike through thing except I don’t have the option in my editor and I am too lazy to do the HTML code for it)

Another thing I have noticed lately is that bloggers are using the same tone of voice. I go from one blog to the next and they all read as if they could have been written by the same person. Which is not to say that they are written poorly, not at all, they just sound like everyone else. I don’t have the skills to take this one apart. I can’t pinpoint what is so annoying about reading different posts that sound like they were all written by a computer. Because they don’t sound like they were written by a machine, they are good but there is nothing unique about them anymore. The AdMaster does a much better job explaining the importance of finding your own voice.

And finally, I’ve had it with the fucking cartoon characters. These were cute at first but now everyone has one.  Aren’t we adults now? The cartoon characters remind me of high school and having cute stickers on lockers and books. The cartoon characters are always juggling baby bottles, minivan keys, laptop, purse and other items. Who wants to juggle all that shit?

Not me.

If I ever figure out how to make a cartoon character for my blog (would someone please help me make a cartoon character for my blog, I really want one) it will have me juggling a box of wine, a vibrator with extra batteries just in case, and a take out menu.

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