When my first ex husband and I were dating way back in the late 80’s we decided to go on a road trip. It was late September, maybe early October and we hopped in the car and drove east. We didn’t really have a plan where we were going but we knew we would be staying in Days Inns along the way since my ex worked for them at the time and could get the room cheap.

During the drive through the midwest he suggested that I read The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. I hadn’t read any of her stuff before and he was into her philosophies. I grudgingly read the books on this trip.

I didn’t care for the stories. The characters were cold. They seemed stiff to me and heartless. We argued about the philosophy of selfishness and what selfishness really was. I took the role of the bleeding heart liberal and he took the position of the right wingnut. In reality I was the capitalist and he was still trying to figure out what he wanted to be. But he agreed with every word that Ayn Rand wrote and preached it to anyone who didn’t already know him. Everyone else just walked away when they saw him coming.

Ex husband #1 has been campaigning for Obama for the last three months. He has taken off work to put signs out and man the phones down at the headquarters here in town. He has tried to put a sign in my yard in the cover of darkness only to have our son take it out. Our son who up until three weeks ago was an anarchist but after paying attention has declared himself a Republican. Go figure.

I have been meaning to ask the ex #1 about the Ayn Rand connection but he has been too busy making phone calls for Barrack.

I am not convinced that Obama will win. Mainly because of ex husband #1. He supported Ross Perot as well. He lived and breathed Ross Perot much like he is worshipping Obama now.