I woke up this morning and flipped on the TV which happened to be on CNN. I don’t usually want to watch CNN first thing on a Sunday morning but I was captivated by something John King from State of the Union said right before he went to a commercial. It was a teaser for viewers to stay tuned for the upcoming segment.

I don’t have TiVo so am going off memory. He said something like:

“When we return we’re going to find out where all those jobs are that the government promised us.”

Why are we relying on the government for jobs? When did we turn into a bunch of children looking for our parents to bail us out?

We have to get the government out of our lives, they are making a mess of things and most of the legislators don’t have a clue what it is like to be a regular citizen. They have health care and they have jobs  (though what they do for their paycheck and health insurance is questionable). The governments job is to protect us, not from ourselves but from people who would do us harm. The government can not provide us with jobs or health or anything else for that matter. And we have to stop looking to them to provide these things.

We used to be an innovative nation. We used to invent things, we used to revolutionize things, we used to be the nation that every other nation wanted to be like. Now we are just a bunch of pussies whining about not getting our rightful share.

Look what government has done to our educational system. It’s a mess, our children aren’t learning what they should and when they go to school they are often at risk for violence.

What happened to pulling oneself up by their bootstraps? Now when jobs get cut we sit around, collect unemployment for as long as we can and then we try to find another job we hated so that we can get medical and dental insurance and possibly a 401k, oh, and social security.

We have turned into a nation of lemmings who are scared of our own shadow.

We are a smart bunch of people, though you wouldn’t know that the way we have been letting our government spoon feed us for the last couple of decades.

I don’t want the government to tell me what I can and cannot do anymore. I’m tired of being politically correct. We can’t even call a spade a spade without offending someone anymore.

We can’t talk on our cell phones in our cars, we can’t smoke anywhere, we can’t eat trans fats, we can’t spank our kids, we can’t do so many things now that the government is in charge.

But all these laws are good for us. Smoking is bad, trans fats are bad, talking on the cell phone while driving kills people and spanking a child is abuse.

Yes, most of these things are bad but don’t we have the freedom to kill ourselves if we want to?

I like trans fats, I don’t eat them often but they taste pretty damn good. I don’t text while driving but I have made a call or two when going down a stretch of road that is free of ice and snow and has little traffic. At times it has actually kept me from falling asleep. I miss going to a smoke filled bar and hanging out. The bars are empty because of the no smoking policies which means bars are pulling in less money and thus have to let go of employees and raise prices to cover the higher taxes they have to pay. And the smokers just rolled over and let it happen to them.

I have spanked my kids. Not often but I have done it on occasion. Many parents don’t, they prefer to reason with their child. How insane is that? Kids haven’t developed the ability to reason at a young age. I’m not suggesting we get the belt out and leave scars on the kids but parents aren’t in charge of their own kids anymore and it shows in the increased crime rate among juveniles as well as the screaming kids in grocery stores. We have spoiled our kids like the government has spoiled us. How many kids do you know who have cell phones by the age of 12 or even younger?  A lot.

We need to stop looking to the government to solve our problems. They can’t, they just create committees which end up costing money which means raising our taxes to justify the fact that they can’t solve our problems.

I’m tired of throwing money at problems, let the private sector bang this out. Stop the bailouts, let the banks fail, let the companies that screw up fall flat. It will be a mess but when the dust clears and people start thinking for themselves again we might be a better nation for it.

Okay, I’m done. Tomorrow I’ll get back to silly stuff.

Oh, and I still haven’t tackled those drawers. The government hasn’t forced me to so why should I bother?

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