You may be trying to think of a post idea. You’d rather think of one yourself. You might be desperate. You might not like any of these options, but just reading them could help you think of an even better idea for your next post.

1. Dispute an expert’s opinion

This could about politics, popular culture, blogging, morality, or the best films of all time.

2. Add to someone else’s numbered list

If you think a list from another blogger or magazine was helpful but it missed a few things, you can add your own spin. Link to the original, of course.

3. Survey the Experts

See what 10 different experts or other blogs have said about a certain topic, and list them (with links), adding your own opinion.

4. Write as if you were someone else

You could write in the style of a famous author, tabloid magazine, self-help guru, reality TV star. Is this too much of a cliche for you? Maybe, but it can still be hilarious.

5. Be a reality star

Imagine your life being filmed for a reality TV show. What would viewers learn about you if the cameras followed you for a few weeks?

6. Republish an older post

It’s OK to edit and post as new if you’d like, or explain that today you’re digging through the archives and wanted to share an older gem. You could even change the photo, or format it differently if it doesn’t match the way you write your posts currently. Don’t spend too long tweaking the old post, or you’ll waste the time that could have been spent on another project.

7. Explain your inside jokes

If you use certain inside jokes or refer to people with nicknames on your blog, explain to newer readers what you’re talking about so they don’t feel like they’re out of the loop. You could write a “5 Things About My Blog” post and put links to the older posts where these references are explained.

In conclusion

Remember that it’s OK to borrow ideas from other blogs. You won’t get sent to the principal’s office for cheating, and no one will beat you up on the playground.


About the author: Blog Rehab is written by Carol Zombo. You can check out her grammar and writing tips for bloggers and subscribe to her Writing Tips Newsletter at